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Sun Dec 21 01:34:06 UTC 2008

On 12/20/2008 06:15 AM, Karl F. Larsen wrote:
> NoOp wrote:

>> Brenden got a new email address (search the archives)... but the
>> questions remain:
>> 1. Did you clear your browser cache and try again? If so what was the
>> result?
>> 2. You did 'what' wrong, & not do what again? Yes, I know that's an
>> open-ended question. But specifically related to "this" issue what is
>> the answer to that question?

>     The answer to MY problem is simple. Bring up Google and ask it to find:
> not
> open office
>     I have been watching the URL's Google finds with the question "open 
> office". The scam I discovered is still there but not as numerous. I 
> think the scam artists are pulling out.
>     When I use "" I always never get the scam URL's.

Good. Now to clarify the issue of 'scam' URL's for (that
is the name of the program vs just OpenOffice as OpenOffice is
trademarked in Europe);

1. There are valid (OOo) resellers, distributors that
provide OOo on CD for those that have dialup and or just want a CD.
Typically these are listed here:

Such resellers and/or distributors are generally quite useful and
provide a valuable service as the typical download size of OOo is over
200MB. On a standard dialup connection this can take all night.

2. The scam artists are the ones like you latched onto.

They put up sites that charge you for providing a download link to
download from OOo servers and mirrors. Now, that service _might_ be
worth something if they also provided value added support services etc.
But the worst part is that they simply have the unsupecting 'purchaser'
subscribe to the users list (just like this one) for
support. So, on that list we get emails from people demanding their
money back, demanding that something be fixed, and sometimes even
providing their usernames & passwords in the process. Unfortunately for
some sites there is little that you can do, as the site will clearly
state that it's a free program etc. Example:
Disclaimer: This website has no affiliation whatsoever with the owner of
this software program and does not re-sell or license software. All
software is freeware and/or shareware with the understanding that the
user may need or want to pay for it later. Membership is for unlimited
access to our site's resources. We provide an organized website with
links to third party freeware and shareware software, technical support,
tutorials and step by step guides Privacy

Now, most won't read that at the bottom of the page. I'd be willing to
bet that the site you first visited probably said something similar. And
if they do, they think they are getting added support. I'm not sure
about this particular site, but many sites like this just auto subscribe
their buyers to users at or support at and we
end up with emails such as this:

Hi, on purchasing Open Office the site stated that a 30 day satisfaction
agreement was in place. I would like to take advantage of that
agreement. I have found your sites incredibly hard to negotiate.
To whom it may concern:

I recently signed up on your website for the
Openoffice suite. I was, however, under the impression
it was free. I was then advised it was 5.97 GBP. It
was not until I reached the final approval screen that
I was advised I was being charged more than 25.00 GBP.
At this point I clicked the cancel button. The
purchase, however, seems to have gone through
regardless, as per the attached e-mail. I am very
unhappy about this and I would appreciate it if you
would refund my monies, especially as I have not used
the product.
 I did purchase "Open Office" for the sum of AU$11.00. It is the latest
version and on the "help" page all references for help/support are to
support at  or

>From the last you can see that whoever he purchased OOo from provided
'support' by sending him off to the OOo list.

You of all people should have known better than to fall for this
'service' download for OOo, particularly since posts have been
frequently made here (by me and others) on how to download & install OOo
and recently, OOo 3.0. But, we all can fall for scams if not careful.
So... buyer beware/Caveat emptor.

BTW: Install the Mozilla Prefbar as I suggested and you can then easily
clear your browsers cache (disk, memory, all), cookies, etc.

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