Kernel upgrade problem?

Sandy Harris sandyinchina at
Sun Dec 21 00:39:37 UTC 2008

Chris Mohler <cr33dog at> wrote:

> Have you by any chance upgraded to 8.10?


> I ran into something similar
> when I ran out of space in /boot.  Try 'df -lh' to check.

/boot is not a separate partition and / has plenty of space.

> I had to specifically remove the older kernels, then
> reinstall the latest kernel.

List of files looks OK

sandy at sandy-desktop:~$ ls /boot
abi-2.6.27-9-generic           memtest86+.bin
grub                                 vmcoreinfo-2.6.27-9-generic
initrd.img-2.6.27-9-generic  vmlinuz-2.6.27-9-generic

Sandy Harris,
Quanzhou, Fujian, China

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