Professional Audio CD creating under linux

Zoltan Kerenyi Nagy kerenyi.nagy.zoltan at
Sat Dec 20 12:05:59 UTC 2008

Hi Guys,

I would like to ask for your help suggestions.

I'd like to burn audio CDs in DAO mode, with slow burning speed.
And I'd like to have "extra" info on each track, for instance, track name,
artist, date etc.

I've already bumped into custom cds which I put in the drive, and if the
user have windows media player it
automatically shows the artist info, and track title just as I had a
commercial CD.

I've always wondered how it is done, with which program. I now what is CDDB
but since I burn my own recordings, it's someting else. Like little tags in
mp3s which I can do under linux with EasyTag program.

The programs I tried so far are K3B, brasro neither of them fulfills those
needs. One cannot burn the compilation in 4x speed, the other can't burn in
Disc-at-once mode.

Please help me find the application if it exist for linux.


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