Wireless problem

Nathan Bahn nathan.bahn at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 21:30:49 UTC 2008

Hello everyone--

I have a user (Housemate, don't you know.) with a problem that is evidently
of my making.  She was unable to log on and I fixed the problem.  So fine
and great -- but then I rather stupidly swapped out one wireless N.I.C. for
another, and then swapped them out again (I was checking to see if the
second Wireless N.I.C. would automatically work like the first Wireless
N.I.C. -- it doesn't).  Now the wireless bars in the top right of the screen
show no signal being received, but when I hover the pointer over the
wireless bars, the message that pops up indicates fifty percent (50%) signal
strength.  Needless to say, the browser is now unable to log on.

Any ideas that can be offered as to what might be wrong will be greatly

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