Ubuntu 8.10 & Compaq Evo

Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 16:08:39 UTC 2008

Rich Goodman wrote:
>     I recently purchased an installation CD with Ubantu 8.10 and installed it on a Compaq Evo with an Intel Pentium 4,  2.4 Ghz processor, 1024 Mbytes of ram, and a 160 Gbyte hard drive with Ubantu being the only operating system on the drive.  I believe the computer has an integrated Nvida graphics card.  The computer boots up and asks me for my user name and password.  I can open the Options menu and make changes at this time, but after completing the USER NAME and Password the screen goes blank with only the cursor visible (and functioning) with the Ubantu background color present.     Any help would be appreciated.  I am new to this OS, so please keep that in mind when responding.  Thanks for your time.
> Best regards,
> Rich
    Does the CD you bought load up and give you a screen on your 
computer? We call that a LiveCD. Or does your CD use a text pages to 
load? If it is the first type we can learn a lot about your computer. 
And about the nVidia video.



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