internet access problem - was: Re: Help !!

Hannah Josephine Dippe hannah at
Wed Dec 17 14:27:52 UTC 2008

Hello Peter,

thanks for your message!

I solved the problem by setting a dns-server-ip in the eth0-configuration.

All tasks run good.

I did not understand your message really, but it gives me the power to
stand up!

hannah josephine dippe
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> On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 02:02:50PM +0100, Hannah Josephine Dippe wrote:
>> Hello to you all,
>> I set up my old ThinkPad i1200 with ubuntu 8.04 lts.
>> For networking I used a D-Link W-Lan-PC-Card witch is installed
>> by ubuntu properly. I can ping all devices in my network.
> ...
>> The PC-card is active as <eth0>, but unknown as interface??
> you're  using  a  wlan; even if the pccard is really called  eth0,  it
> still  isn't ethernet. You're using TCP over WLAN, e.g. when you  used
> ping (that is ISO/OSI level 3, routed connections, etc pp)
>> At last, I tried to bring up a connection to the internet over
>> PPPOE. This task failed, because the assistent didn't find
>> an usable Ethernetmodem.
> pppoe  is an application talking to ethernet modems directly at  level
> 2,  that  is  it  doesn't  even talk  tcp/ip  (unless  maybe  for  its
> management interface if any).
> Examples  for old ethernet modems usable via pppoe are maybe the orkit
> series  of  dumb ethernet modems. However, to see them you DO need  to
> run  a  physical  ethernet cable between modem and  computer  w/o  any
> router or wlan inbetween.
> Thus  you'll quite correctly won't see any Orkit or similar modem over
> the WLAN interface.
> Of  course  you could use the wlan to connect to a router  (tcp),  run
> PPPOE  *on*  the  router  (linux pc, wrt54g, whatever),  and  have  an
> ethernet  cable  between router and ethernet modem.
> Newer  dsl  internet access hardware usually is a router,  maybe  even
> with  a  wlan interface. These you talk to via TCP/IP, by making  them
> the  default  route  for your computer. TCP/IP can be  routed  between
> ethernet lans and wlan cells, so this would work.
> cu
> Peter
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