localhost or LAN addresses in /etc/hosts

Rashkae ubuntu at tigershaunt.com
Tue Dec 16 17:29:02 UTC 2008

Bart Silverstrim wrote:

> Okay, I was thinking that utility was tied to network manager. 
> Apparently the bug...which I think was discussed on the list...that 
> kills static IP's on some systems is linked to network manager and 
> network manager isn't the network admin tool in the menus that I thought 
> it was.
> I'll have to remove network manager and see if I configure to a static 
> IP again.

Network Manager is the kind of abomination that should only be installed
by default on Notebooks to begin with.  </rant>

(And even then, I know of many more experienced users who prefer to
manage their wireless with something they have easier control over, such
as WICD, but I understand the goal of getting Network Manger up to
snuff.. when perfected, it will be / is awesome for portable devices.)
However, if you have to configure network settings, the whole point of
Network Manager is already moot, so if it gets in your way, you might as
well get rid of it.

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