Simple sound system testing, is there a utulity to do this?

H.S. hs.samix at
Tue Dec 16 15:44:18 UTC 2008

Chris G wrote:
> I want to see if the sound is working OK on my system, is there
> anything in ubuntu (well, xubuntu actually) that provides something like
> Window's Control Panel "Sounds and Audio Devices" where you can test
> and change the various system sounds as well as configure things?

The easiest method is perhaps to go to Preferences->Sound and try out
various test buttons and see if you can hears the sounds. You should
also try:
1. Play a movie file.
2. Play a DVD or CD.
3. Play a flash movie in a website.

If all these work, you should be good to do.

Next, if you are pulseaudio, then I guess Pulseaudio Device manager
should do the trick.

But if you are using alsa, you can list the devices using 'aplay -L' and
'aplay -l' commands in a terminal. This will list the devices as cards.

Next, to configure their controls, you can use 'alsamixer' command to
set the levels. 'alsamixer -c n' will allow you to set the levels of
card number n.

If there is another GUI method to do all this, I would be interested too.



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