Setting Up RS-232 Ports for Data Logging

Nils Kassube kassube at
Tue Dec 16 15:36:18 UTC 2008

Martin McCormick wrote:
> 	Flow control is really not an issue because the messages
> are short and not continuous. What I want is all the serial data, no
> matter what else happens.
> 	Basically, I am asking if there is a way to set up
> serial port configurations on the system or is it necessary to
> include that code in the applications?

It's a long time since I played with RS-232 but IIRC you can use stty to 
set the RS-232 ports to clocal. Then the handshake signals are ignored and 
only data are sent / received. Have a look at the stty man page to find 
out if you need other settings as well.


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