gnome-apt-install partly in English

Peter Eijlander peter.eijlander at
Sat Dec 13 22:09:31 UTC 2008

I use a Dutch version of Ubuntu on several machines, both upgraded from
7.04 to 8.10 as 8.10 fresh installs on real machines and ion Virtual
Boxes. In the upgraded version the dialog screens is completely Dutch
but in a fresh 8.04 or 8.10 install part of it remains English, as is
the helpfile, although I don't know if that has been translated or not.
I have tried to solve that by removing the en-packages but that does not
help. Searching for the file that contains the english texts shows Dutch
as well so I think it is not missing translation but a bug that picks
the wrong language. See also the screenshot, if an attachment is
Best regards,
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