Using IPAQ with Ubuntu

Leonard Bussey lbus42 at
Sat Dec 13 22:07:26 UTC 2008

Hello, I have been using Ubuntu for about 5 months now and it serves just
about all of my needs except when it comes to syncing with my IPAQ,  I have
an IPAQ 2215 and have been able to sync it to my evolution calendar and
addressbook, using SynCE and MultiSync.  I also have started experimenting
wtih OpenSync but have not been able to get it working properly yet.  I
still have not found a way to install PocketPC programs onto the IPAQ using
Ubuntu.  Has anyone on this list had any success with this?  Any suggestions
would be greatly appreaciated.

How can I fix it, if it isn't broken!

                      Len Bussey
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