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Albert Charron albert at albertcharron.name
Sat Dec 13 05:17:38 UTC 2008

Karl F. Larsen wrote:
>     Why don't all of you observe I am using Ubuntu and my comments are 
> directed to people like myself who decided to try Gmail as an SMTP 
> server. Now for you who have not a guess what SMTP server means, I can't 
> explain it well. But they do have one I use.
>     Those who have told me I am full of shit are those who have used 
> these things a long time. They feel it is trivial. Fine, shut up and let 
> it go through since is is through.
>     You all should observe I have USED computers for many years. I am 
> not a computer expert. The field my PHd. is in is Electrical Engineering 
> and my company did things that needed computers. In 1995 I sold the 
> company for many millions of dollars. My wife and I and our 2 children 
> now having children enjoy the money I made.
>     Today several of you have told me I am stupid and should shut up. 
> Please look within yourselves.
> Karl
I have a technical question... Can someone give me a procmail/sendmail 
receipe to blacklist Karl's e-mails posted to the list please? I'm 
getting sick of these...

<jumping on his soap box>

Now, to Karl, if I want to read a blog, I find it and add it to my feed 
reader...  If I want to read technical questions and answers, I read a 
technical mailing list.

I really don't care if that you sold a company for 2 millions or to whom 
you sold it to or that you're a PHd... And just because you might (or 
not) have 2 millions in your bank account doesn't mean we all have to 
respect your opinions and say "yeah, Karl's good"... We don't need to 
suffer your false advices or wrong recommendations.

</jumping on his soap box>

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