desktop become ass color

Shannon McMackin smcmackin at
Fri Dec 12 15:10:05 UTC 2008

Mithun Zakir wrote:
> I got a new problem in ubuntu. After some minute my desktop become ass 
> color and it stays  2-4 second. Its so much boring and  that time i cant 
> do any work means machine do not allow any key or click.
> I haven't faced this kind of problem before updating ubuntu ibex.
> i am currently using intrepid ibex on hp 520 laptop. I'm using two os 
> (windows Xp).
> I was trying to fix this problem by this command : sudo apt-get install 
> --fix-missing.
> But I didnt got any result.
> Oh yes my  Screen saver is turn off.
> Oh god !  i don't know how can i recover from here.
> plz help me .
> <>
Not that I can compare the color ass to anything because it's not in any 
crayola crayon box I've seen, how does it look in windows?

Is it graying out like sometimes happens to an app when it's waiting to 
get cycles to do something?

Does it ever not look like ass?

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