Pen drive size to put Ubuntu on

Nils Kassube kassube at
Thu Dec 11 17:51:14 UTC 2008

Computer assistance to Akatsi District project Ghana wrote:
> My mother has a really slow P4 1,5 ghz XP computer. I wanted to give
> here a pen drive with Ubuntu on for Christmas, so that she can have a
> fast computer igain. 

First of all, check if that machine can boot from USB. Not every machine 
can do that.

> When you have installed ubuntu, there is a option 
> to put it on a pendrive rigth? Is i difficult to get to work?

Use the install CD and install directly to the USB stick connected to your 
machine. I don't know if it is easily possible from within an installed 
system. I did it with VirtualBox when I didn't have a spare machine (but 
you need the PUEL version of VirtualBox to use USB). The USB stick now 
works on both my machines which can boot from USB.

> And how big should the pendrive be?

I have installed Kubuntu 8.10 with only a few extra applications. The used 
disk space is 2.6GB.

> I dont want to use so much mony on 
> it, because i also want to buy her a LCD screen.

I don't know what type of LCD screen you intend to buy, but maybe you 
could find a netbook for a similar price. That might be an alternative to 
the XP machine.


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