Selling Linux to Windows Users

norman norman at
Thu Dec 11 17:19:31 UTC 2008

> Wow, their website is terrible. It assumes a specific browser width,
> and a specific font setting as well. The Javascript is _slow_ and
> worse yet, they are using Javascript to reimplement built in HTML form
> features, such as dropdown lists.
> I wanted to write to them asking about their software, but after
> seeing their website I do not even want to see their software!

I know nothing about their website and, unless they have made massive
changes to their software over the last 5 years which I know nothing
about, Sage Accounts is the most useful computerized accounting system I
have ever used. From various contributions of yours to this list that I
have read I expected you to be more broad minded and not judge a piece
of software by a website.


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