Ubuntu on a stick - on a Nokia?

Amichai Rotman amichai at iglu.org.il
Thu Dec 11 16:57:33 GMT 2008


I could argue "Carrying a thumb drive, no matter the weight, is still
carrying an additional device. I carry my phone anyway", but then I
remembered I'd have to carry the dedicated USB cable for it to work anyway,
so there goes my argument... ;-)

I will buy myself a USB stick soon, can any of you suggest a Linux flavor
specific for this task?

The following tool is what I have in mind, but I'd like it to be more
tailored for USB sticks and maybe a pure Linux solution...



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On Wed, Dec 10, 2008 at 19:25, Mario Spinthiras
<spinthiras.mario at gmail.com>wrote:

> Sorry to burst your bubble but 8GB USB sticks cost 10 GBP where I live and
> they weigh about 1/15 of your phone. Not too much to carry is it ? Why waste
> your phone that way. If you need something viable , do something everyone
> else does....
> regards,
> Mario A. Spinthiras
> http://www.spinthiras.net/
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