Selling Linux to Windows Users

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Thu Dec 11 16:57:10 UTC 2008

Derek Broughton wrote:
> Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> 2008/12/11 norman <norman at>:
>> >From my experience the most useful and flexible financial software is
>>> that marketed by Sage. There are several versions suitable for
>>> business from small to large. I used to teach computerised accounting
>>> and Sage was the only software considered to be suitable for training
>>> and examination. I have written to them some 3 years ago when Ubuntu
>>> was getting going but received the standard reply that they had no
>>> plans to port their software to Linux.
> imo, there is no accounting software to beat SQL-Ledger...  The biggest 
> problem with it is that it's all written in Perl :-(

Why is that a problem? I mean, if the software works OK, and you
don't have to fix any bugs yourself that is?

>> Wow, their website is terrible. It assumes a specific browser width,
>> and a specific font setting as well. The Javascript is _slow_ and
>> worse yet, they are using Javascript to reimplement built in HTML form
>> features, such as dropdown lists.
> I haven't looked, but the usual reason to do that is that HTML forms do 
> dropdown lists _very_ badly.

Are these the ones? Seems snappy enough here, using Firefox.
No visible lag opening the dropdown lists or the menus on top.
My system is only a puny Athlon X2 4800+..


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