Another networking problem

John French cjf at
Thu Dec 11 15:05:58 UTC 2008

I am embarrassed because my problem is so similar to Chatagnier's. I
have been following (with some difficulty) the advice which he was
given, as well as reading all the manuals I can find, but I don't seem
to find a solution. My network is :

Netgear router                      (provides DHCP)
Ubuntu Hardy server (fixed, wired)
Ubuntu Intrepid        DHCP (wireless)
XP*                 DHCP (wireless)
W2K*                 DHCP (wired)
W2K - laptop*        DHCP (wireless)
(* to be Ubuntu - if I can learn enough !)

Almost everything works fine - everyone can connect to the internet, and
the Windows machines can see the shares on all the other systems, and I
have even copied files from one Ubuntu system to the other when sitting
at a Windows machine. BUT I can't see the other systems from the Ubuntu
machines. From the server, by going to Places > Network, I can see the
host names, but not the files on them - if I click on a system, it does
nothing for about 30 sec. and then shows a blank screen. From the
Intrepid desktop, I get "Windows Network", which gives "TOW.ORG.UK", but
nothing more.

I believe the problem is name resolution. From the Windows machines, I
can ping any other machine by IP or name. From Ubuntu, I can ping by IP, 
but using a name always brings up, which, I think, is 
OpenDNS. I have tried to fix /etc/resolv.conf, but the Intrepid machine 
always changes it back. The Hardy server lets me change it, but my 
changes don't fix the problem. I can happily make all the IP's fixed or 
DHCP, if so advised. I guess I have messed up my config files trying 
different solutions. Should I re-install ?  And, if so, Intrepid or Hardy ?


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