Selling Linux to Windows Users

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Thu Dec 11 14:02:24 UTC 2008

2008/12/11 Knapp <magick.crow at>:
>> I agree that there is much server software for Linux that will not run
>> on Windows. But as a desktop user, I don't need server software. I
>> need desktop software, and for Linux that is lacking.
> Actually, I would not say Linux is lacking. Linux has what most people
> need most of the time! 99% of the users out there are happy with
> having a web browser, office and some camera and art programs. I mean,
> how many users did not switch to Linux because of CAD? Linux does not
> have everything that Windows does and again saying "Windows" is a bit
> broad.

Good point. I will try to use a more general tongue:

Although should computers have never been invented people could have
lived without XYZ feature, now that they have discovered feature XYZ
they depend upon it. Until system ABC supports feature XYZ, user JKL
will not be able to switch to system ABC.

  case Dotan:

  case JoeUser:
    XYZ=Some trivial thing that not many people want

Now, any given value of XYZ may only affect 1% of values JKL. However,
when you have 10,000 different values of XYZ, each only affecting 1%
of the JKLs out there, you have a serious migration barrier to system

This is the case for ABC==Linux at the moment.

> We should be compairing XP or Vista each in it's own right because
> unlike Linux, if you have Vista you can't just sign out and sign in
> again in XP (As in without rebooting and buying more software) unlike
> Linux with KDE and Gnome desktops. It seems in this tread that Linux
> was getting shot down by using different versions of MS software. That
> is a bit unfair, sort of a two brothers vs one type of fight.

I do not understand the relevance here. In fact, I don't want to. I
would rather talk about the general state of affairs than any one
specific issue as there are literally millions for you to pick.

Dotan Cohen


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