Selling Linux to Windows Users

norman norman at
Thu Dec 11 12:36:40 UTC 2008

> And without companies making Linux versions of their software, people
> won't move to Linux. It is chick and egg.

I have followed much of this thread which is very similar to discussions
on the same theme over several years. There was a need then and there is
still a need now for more small business applications which will run on
the desktop machine. For example, suppose that I run a small retail
business, then what do you think I need? 

Access to the internet is no problem, correspondence is no problem but
what about being able to deal with my financial needs? Even though my
business is not large I have a few employees so it would be useful to
have a payroll application, and what about controlling sales, purchases,
credits and debits, plus all the other details necessary to produce my
monthly and annual accounts and balance sheet. As far as I am aware
there are no such applications available for Linux (free or for
purchase) for the small, non-technical business person.

I could go on but I'll stop now and would be most interested if I can be
proved wrong.


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