problem in RAID1 + lvm in ubuntu 8.04...

Lalatendu Das lalatdas at
Wed Dec 10 16:09:05 UTC 2008

>/dev/sdb2            5472        8924    27736222+  fd  Linux raid

>/dev/sdc2            5472        8924    27736222+  fd  Linux raid

>Those two jump out at me as weird.  Why is the partition type of the
>LVM partitions set as RAID? 
I thought I can use both the physical slices for RAID in future. Hence I
have did like that. Anyway it shouldn't be the cause of the problem.

I think the solution is found. This time the file system of the that 25GB
logical volume is re-created. No extra option is given this time. like "-m 0
-T largefile". And it is found to be working fine. System is able copy the
data beyond 1 GB which was not happening before. I know without "-m 0" the
system will reserve 5% of the disk space in the logical volume for super
user use. So I will try with keeping the -m 0 alone while repeating the
above process once again. if the problem re apears it will trace down the
root cause to the file system creation process with "-m 0" option. Otherwise
it will be confirmed that the issue is with the "-T largefile" option with
"mkfs.ext3" command.

Thanks for all your suggestions Brian. If anything goes wrong, I will come
back again to bug this mailing list.
I planning to post it as a bug in ubuntu developer group after some more
user level testing.   

lalatendu das

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