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Knapp wrote:
> 1 Relax knowing that it will not crash.
My current Windows installation crashes less than my ubuntu one
> 2 Have multiple desktops
With dual monitors, I have no use of multiple desktops... They sit there 
for nothing
> 3 Rotating cube desktop with cool effects.
I hate the rotating cube... It's a resource hog, even with my new 
computer... And it crashes...
> 4 No matter what people say about Linux having viruses, I have yet to
> see one in the wild. Has anyone here EVER seen one? I sure did with
> Windows!!
Didn't have a virus for years on my windows systems... The machines I 
manage at work either... What you have to do: install the updates and 
run a decent anti-malware... not that hard to do... BTW, I've been 
rootkited a couple of times on Linux (not Ubuntu tho)
> 5 Easy, one click keyboard switching (diff langs and Dvorak.)
What about alt-shift in Windows?
> 6 Desktop cut and paste history
> 7 Install new software without paying
I run OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, Gimp, Pidgin on my windows 
box... I've never paid for them. I have some Windows only applications 
that are freeware too... Even on Ubuntu, you have to pay for some 
software (I don't mind paying if an application works better than 
something OpenSource...
> 8 Install new software by typing one line.
If the software is in the repository, and if it is up to date in the 
> 9 Remove software without messing up the OS.
Well... You might have a valid point here... but I know of a couple of 
apps that doesn't remove conf files or preferences under Linux too...
> 10 Make my laptop play music on my desktop with the wireless, note
> that the program is running on the laptop.
What's the point of doing that? If I'm on my laptop and want to listen 
music, it's not at my desktop I want it to play...
> 11 Run 20 programs at the same time without worrying about one
> crashing the others.
I can do that on my windows installation too... it's even more efficient 
than on some linux distributions...
> 12 Lock my kid out of all the spots and programs that I want him locked out of.
You can remove right to execute applications to specific users in 
Windows too... Through NTFS permissions, through Global policies, 
through permissions in the Registry...
> 13 Have an encrypted partition.
BitLocker on Vista does that.
> 14 Run a server, desktop and email server all on the same system for free.
That might be a valid point... for personal usage. For businesses, 
you're better to keep the users out of the server... even with Linux...
> 15 Does Apatchy run on windows?
If you meant Apache, yes, it runs... I even serve PHP pages from my 
desktop... You can run Perl too!
> 16 Run software that I have deleted. Bet you can't do that on windows. LOL
If I delete a software, I don't want to run it! Again, what's the point? 
I've never tried that on Linux either!
> 17 Does Cream or Vim run on windows?
Never heard of Cream... Vim, no, it doesn't run, but you have some very 
powerfull text editor too.
> 18 How about my cool icon that turns the DVD player to speed one using Bash?
Honestly, I really don't know what you're talking about here...
> OK, I have not used MS for many years. What can you kill from my list?
On that, I didn't want to say Linux isn't good, or that Windows is 
better... My point is that a user uses what he's familiar with and 
what's good for him. Currently, I'm running Vista on my laptop. This 
puppy dualboots Kubuntu 8.10/Vista (I need Windows for some work stuff  
and for some stuff don't work at all in Ubuntu - my xD card reader is an 
example - or some stuff that don't work well (sound is a real pain)) . 
When I introduced my 70yo father to computers last year, I installed 
Ubuntu on an old laptop and he was really happy with that...

I use Ubuntu server on my home server and on a couple of servers at 
work, and I use Windows on some other servers to fill some business 
needs... I like both OSes... Both have their strengths and their 
weaknesses. When I build computers for friends, I present both options 
and it's up to them to choose if I install Ubuntu or if they install 

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