Selling Linux to Windows Users

Robert Holtzman holtzm at
Tue Dec 9 22:44:14 UTC 2008

On Tue, 9 Dec 2008, Derek Broughton wrote:

> Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> I don't care about that, I am an end user. I am not out to save to
>> world. Sorry.
> You should be.  We all have an obligation to our fellows...
>>> Monopoly, and other low life business acts.
>> Monopoly is not a low-life business act. It is the goal of every
>> business.
> I can't let that go.  Monopoly is NOT the goal of every business.  I
> have a business.  My _goal_ is to feed my family.

Yours maybe, but the CEO of a Fortune 500 company has very different 
goals. It's called market share.


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  interrupt the person doing it."
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