Selling Linux to Windows Users

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Tue Dec 9 20:02:49 UTC 2008

2008/12/9 Robert Holtzman <holtzm at>:
>> Monopoly is not a low-life business act. It is the goal of every business.
> Since when does being the goal of every busines exclude employing
> underhanded tactics?

A business does not need to employ such tactics as Microsoft does to
be a monopoly. MS may be 'evil' for a variety of reasons, and that may
have led to their monopoly, but the monopoly itself is not the evil.

>> Just what FOSS devs would do to MS, no? That's called competition. Or
>> dog eat dog. Or capitalism if you want to feel important and use bug
>> words.
> Unrestrained capitalism is what got the U.S. into it's present
> predicament.

That only happened because of competition with the USSR for which
system was 'better'. The Americans went too far. One could argue (I am
one of them) that the Soviets did as well. It was too difficult to
back out when the competition ended, and in my opinion the current
state of American affairs was orchestrated to bring the people back in
line. How do you convince a nation that regulation and government
control of major companies and banks is now GOOD after 50 years of
anti-communism? Market crash! Blame the irresponsible, unregulated
rick bankers! The government makes a case that it must control these
terrible, greedy bankers and the way to do that is regulation. The
sheep love it.

It is fun to say "those idiots in *** administration crashed the
economy because they are stupid." News flash: they are not stupid.
They are some of the smartest people in their profession, that is why
they work where they do. And they orchestrated the whole thing.

Dotan Cohen


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