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> Knapp wrote:
>> Locking you in? How about treatment of workers (made my friend lie to
>> his workers and then they fired the workers and made (do it or loose
>> your job too) my friend train Indian workers to replace them, then
>> they fired him and the Indians went back to India. (This might have
>> been a subcontractor though, in has been to long since all this
> I supposed you need to start realizing that this is simple capitalism at
> work.

As I understand it, it is not simple capitalism but more WTO and tax
breaks etc. I will not say my understanding is deep though.

> The current system that you guys voted in in the US and accepted
> over the ages has boiled down to more or less that a corporation's sole
> objective is to make money by legal means. See, there is no mention of
> morals in this system. Heck, even the term "good faith" is used in
> accordance with the profit line. And all means can be made legal by
> buying lobbyists and making custom laws if one has tons of money.

Sad but true. Money runs the world not nice ideas. Linux and open
source seem to be some strange thing that slips through the cracks.

> If it was legal for the company to train subcontractors and fire their
> salaried employees, then what's wrong? Otherwise, why don't the
> employees take them to court? As long as the corporation is not doing
> something illegal, your system accepts it. But following morals and
> conscience ("oh, I will not outsource my job to non-Americans!!"), give
> me a break.
> If people do not like MS, then vote for your money. If the US population
> robustly believes in capitalism, then the success of MS is a pretty nice
> proof that most businesses and people actually like MS.

Money, power and media control is what makes the world tick. Votes are
a bit of a sideshow that come up every few years. It is no accident
that the last few USA presidents when to the same private Uni.

Anyway this is getting off topic. I just thought that it was
interesting to see where Linux is better and it would be interesting
to see where MS is better.
Douglas E Knapp

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