f-spot, gthumb and digikam -- for "grandma user"

H.S. hs.samix at gmail.com
Tue Dec 9 17:20:57 UTC 2008


Just wanted to put this opinion out in the open for comments.

In Ubuntu (Hardy), it appears that even though f-spot is the intended
default photo manager, gthumb appears to be more appropriate for a
novice user who is not computer literate and is learning his way around
files and folders.

gthumb maintains the file and folder structure, allows a destination
folder and has the convenient interface to delete photos upon import
from the camera. And if a user wanted to browse to his photos from
Nautilius, it is quite straightforward since the directory structure is
already known while importing photos. I think gthumb also allows tagging
(categories?) so searching by tags should not be a problem.

f-spot has this nifty feature of showing photos based on their time. But
it does not allow a folder structure and once the photos are imported in
to it, the user more or less cannot find a group of photos from Nautilus
-- since all the photos are bunched up in the destination folder in
f-spot (Photos by default).

digikam is a different beast. It is quite nifty to be used by a computer
savvy person and has features that are available in both the above two
applications. In any case, it might be too much works to get familiar
with by a beginner.

I personally would perhaps like digikam. But for a novice user, who is
just finding his way around files and folders and is not going to be a
geek by any standard, gthumb appears to be the best choice so far.

Feel free to give other insights regarding this.



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