Ubuntu and Nvidia

Lucio M Nicolosi lmnicolosi at gmail.com
Tue Dec 9 03:19:55 UTC 2008

Robert James wrote:
> Tried unsuccessfully a few months ago to dual boot install Ubuntu 8.04  
> on a new Compaq laptop with an Nvidia graphics and found I could not  
> get 1280 by 800 resolution.  It was less than 640 if I recall.  It was  
> low enough that if I chose the wrong options I ended up with a  
> resolution so low I could not see enough of the options to even get  
> back to working low res.  The usual result - using my Vista recovery  
> disk to kick Ubuntu out.  Had no success downloading other Nvidia  
> drivers.
> Just the other day I downloaded the new 8.10, burned it to a disk and  
> tried a live boot.  The resolution looks fine, but the scrolling with  
> the mouse is jerky and wavy.  Does this mean the newest version will  
> recognize and deal with Nvidia OK?  And if I do an install will the  
> jerky, wavy scrolling on the screen disappear?
> I really would like to find a Linux distro that works on my laptop but  
> really have come to dislike Vista recoveries!!!
> Thanks for any help.
> Rob
> Robert James
> robertjames at mountaincable.net
No issues here with 8.10 on onboard NVidia 8200 and (the last) 177.82 
driver (desktop) although I'm still afraid of Compiz.

The nvidia-xconfig 1.0 offers resolutions up to 1440x900 (too much for 
my  CRT).

It took a lot of fiddling to install Ubuntu on a XFX mobo with the 8200 
NVidia (almost not supported) chipset, but it's running fine.


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