Ubuntu and Nvidia

Robert James robertjames at mountaincable.net
Tue Dec 9 02:08:35 UTC 2008

Tried unsuccessfully a few months ago to dual boot install Ubuntu 8.04  
on a new Compaq laptop with an Nvidia graphics and found I could not  
get 1280 by 800 resolution.  It was less than 640 if I recall.  It was  
low enough that if I chose the wrong options I ended up with a  
resolution so low I could not see enough of the options to even get  
back to working low res.  The usual result - using my Vista recovery  
disk to kick Ubuntu out.  Had no success downloading other Nvidia  

Just the other day I downloaded the new 8.10, burned it to a disk and  
tried a live boot.  The resolution looks fine, but the scrolling with  
the mouse is jerky and wavy.  Does this mean the newest version will  
recognize and deal with Nvidia OK?  And if I do an install will the  
jerky, wavy scrolling on the screen disappear?

I really would like to find a Linux distro that works on my laptop but  
really have come to dislike Vista recoveries!!!

Thanks for any help.


Robert James
robertjames at mountaincable.net

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