Extending Ubuntu Partition

Karl Larsen klarsen1 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 19:36:21 UTC 2008

Rashkae wrote:
> Himanshu Sharma wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am new to the Ubuntu world and was wandering if i can extend my ubuntu 
>> partition by using another fat 32 partition(after formatting it to ext3).
>> Is it possible ?
>> Thanks
>> Himanshu
> If the partition is immediate adjacent to and following the Ubuntu
> partition, then yes.
> Of course, before modifying partitions like this, a fresh backup is
> always a must in case of accidents.
> Use a boot disk, like the System rescue cd, to delete the fat 32
> partition, then extend the existing ext3 over the empty space.  There is
> no point in formatting that space ext3 first.
    The boot disk is also called a liveCD and it comes up just like your 
installed Ubuntu. On this go to System - Administration- and then 
Deparitioner or a word like this. It will let you expand your current 
Ubuntu partition


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