64-bit ubuntu-server Version 8 CD and Serial Console

Martin McCormick martin at dc.cis.okstate.edu
Mon Dec 8 17:43:44 UTC 2008

	I am new to this list, about 30 minutes old in list
years, but I am in a sort of urgent situation. I downloaded the
ubuntu-server ISO image and burned a CDROM which appears to be
fine as far as it goes.

	As a computer user who happens to be blind, I am most
impressed with the accessibility features already built in so
this is not a complaint by any means. cudos to all those
efforts but there is one slight problem.

	I am installing ubuntu-server on a Dell Poweredge 2950
which has no sound card what so ever. I can access it via serial
console if there is one or if there is any kind of ssh-based
client on the CDROM. The screen reader option would work if
there was also a way to go to a serial console.

	On debian, I have been booting the CDROM for years now

linux console=ttyS0,9600,n,8,1

	and that gets you right in to the installation screen at
the "choose language" prompt.

	I had someone look at the monitor connected to this
server today to see why that wouldn't work and it doesn't
because it essentially boots immediately.

	Any way out of this?

	Thanks to anyone and I hope this is appropriate for the
list. Judging from the first few messages, it should be.

	I actually had installed FreeBSD6.3 on this Dell system
but we need 2 serial ports and can't get them. If ubuntu-server
works, I plan to use Prolific usb-based RS-232 ports. This has
nothing to do with accessibility. It's to log data from a
telephone switch. To ask a second question, do those particular
serial converters work in ubuntu?

	Many thanks.

Martin McCormick WB5AGZ  Stillwater, OK 
Systems Engineer
OSU Information Technology Department Telecommunications Services Group

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