libflashsupport, pulseaudio and hardy

H.S. hs.samix at
Mon Dec 8 03:18:37 UTC 2008

Daniel T Chen wrote:
> On 12/07/2008 04:57 PM, Jonathan D. Armendariz wrote:
>> I have managed to run this in a terminal session but it exits as soon as
>> it starts to list the above.
> You need to download it and save it to storage, then execute it as a 
> bash shell script.

I was actually pushing Ubuntu as a very user friendly distro to my
non-geek friends. But things like these are a huge dampler. Why is there
is a need to download and run script files in Ubuntu these days? Feels
like Debian days :)

However, for the record, I have Intrepid on a laptop here and it appears
to be working alright regarding youtube, bbc videos, skype and other
sounds with pulseaudio. I will confirm this when I can reboot into
Ubuntu next time.


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