geforce fx5200 graphics card

Carlos Alberto Alves drcaa at
Sun Dec 7 19:08:30 UTC 2008

dwain wrote:
> hello,
> i am new to this group, new to ubuntu and a lost babe in the woods
> when it comes to linux.  i just switched from microsuse to ubuntu.
> but i say that not to start a flame war or be ot.
> after my install and updates i had a restricted nvidia driver
> available.  initially i chose the recommended driver.  had to
> install/deinstall the driver twice before i got the message to reboot
> to apply the driver.  the recommended driver doesn't work properly.
> the driver listed under the recommended driver is the choice with no
> problems.
> i didn't search the archives before posting this, but since i'm new to
> the group, i'd try to contribute what little i do know about my
> hardware and what i have found to work with ubuntu and what doesn't,
> as well as introduce myself.
> cheers,
> dwain
Have you already tried to install NVidia driver thru "Envy"? I install a 
driver to a NVidia MX4000 and it is working fine.
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