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Ray Parrish crp at
Sat Dec 6 22:42:19 UTC 2008

Steve Flynn wrote:
> On Sat, Dec 6, 2008 at 8:52 AM, Ray Parrish <crp at> wrote:
>> I tried changing the permissions on the file to read and write for
>> myself as user, and my group, but it still will not allow me to update
>> this archive.
>> Anybody got a clue for me?
> gunzip it, add the files you want to the directory structure it
> creates, gzip that directory structure.

Thanks for the answer. All I was trying to do was update the file within 
the archive. I wound up deleting the original archive and re-creating it 
with Archive Manager, which works, but it would be nice if I could 
simply re-add the file to the archive like I've been doing with archives 
that end in .zip. With those I just click the Add button in Archive 
Manager and select the updated file, and it updates the file within the 

It seems like shameful complication to have to re-create a .gz archive 
every time I want to update the file within it. Is there a smarter 
Archive Manager available for Ubuntu that can handle updating a file 
without re-creating the archive?

Later, Ray Parrish

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