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Sat Dec 6 16:00:42 UTC 2008

Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> Thank you Karl so much.  But if you read my posts closely you will see that I can't connect to my router as you did in your first sentence.  I get an error message saying: 
> Unable to connect         
> Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at
> Once I get past that problem, I wont have a problem.

20081206 0953 GMT-5

Hey Leonard, I just got in on this thread and it appears the subject 
line changed so Im a bit behind.

You have a router that you cant connect to.

Are you plugged into the router or are you wireless?
If you are not already plugged in via a wire, then do so.

Different routers have different default ip (which Im sure you know) so, 
make sure you are using the right one for your router.

Now, you might also make sure your browser is online. I dont know your 
specific error connection that you are getting but, just check to be sure.

And if NONE of that works you might try finding the reset in the back of 
the router and following the directions for resetting it so it is back 
to the factory defaults and then try connecting.


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