Connecting to ftp with File Browser

Paul Johnson pauljohn32 at
Fri Dec 5 21:26:55 UTC 2008

On Fri, Dec 5, 2008 at 3:03 AM, Ray Parrish <crp at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I've added a connection to my web site ftp server in File Browser, but
> it's not working right. I selected "ftp with login" as type of connection.
> For some reason it will not show any folders. All I get is the top level
> folder which contains only a small text file which is a note from my
> hosting service about enabling Frontpage extensions.
> I'm being hosted on a Windows server, is this the problem?
> I'd really like to try out this method of access to my site, but if it's
> not possible it no big deal as I have a good ftp program which connects
> to the site no problem.
> Later, Ray Parrish
> --

I wonder if your web server is actually running ftp, rather than a
transfer over ssh (sftp).  Have you made sure  that the server
actually accepts old fashioned ftp connections?  Most won't, these
days. Well, the commercial servers I belong to won't.

It could be that the "good ftp program" you are using is not actually
using the ftp protocol...

I think you can check in a terminal if you try to run the real ftp


and it will come back and ask you for name and password.

If that works, then the web browser should be able to connect there
too, and I bet nautilus or konqueror will too, if you get the magic

If my guess is correct, and the ftp connection is not allowed, then
you need to connect with an ssh filesystem, or gftp or filezilla with
the connection type set to ssh.

If you show that ftp actually does work, then it will be easier to
figure why the file manager is not connecting.


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