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Fri Dec 5 00:54:30 UTC 2008

On 12/04/2008 04:31 PM, Joshua Martin wrote:
> Um... I don't think Exchange is so inexpensive....
> According to the Microsoft website, the cost of Exchange 2007 STANDARD is
> $699, that's all well and good but when you calculate that you also have to
> purchase a CAL for each user that needs to connect to the server (let's say
> you have 25 users at Microsoft's cost of $67 per user or device), then you
> have a total cost of $2374!
> Zimbra does not operate under a service license + CAL for each connecting
> user; instead you make one purchase of support based on your number of
> users. This means that for 25 users connecting to the STANDARD edition of
> Zimbra, with one year of support, you'll only pay $875!
> Factoring in the cost of Windows Server (do you need CALs for users
> connecting to the server?), the cost of the Exchange CALs, and the cost of
> Microsoft's support year after year, MICROSOFT EXCHANGE IS NOT INEXPENSIVE

This is a bit dated, but might be of interest:
[Introducing Zimbra Collaboration Suite
by Justin James | Jul 02, 2007 12:00:00 AM]

He gives a cost comarison between MS Exchange, Zimbra, and Scalix. No
idea how accurate it was/is though.

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