Gmail or Thunderbird problem?

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at
Thu Dec 4 21:39:38 UTC 2008

Karl F. Larsen wrote:

>     Yes that may be correct. I am still learning how IMAP works. There 
> is not very much information on IMAP that I can find.

What about IMAP is confusing?

Primarily IMAP is a way of keeping email on the mail server instead of 
your computer so you can access it from a number of systems without 
losing your mail, and as long as the provider does decent backups of 
their data you won't lose data.

I use IMAP with Exchange server with caching, so I can get mail offline 
if need be.

I also have found that every freakin' IMAP server seems to be a *little* 
different in their interpretation of the IMAP standards, so they can 
each be a little different or squirrely. I have seen servers that will 
allow only one additional folder depth to be added when organizing mail 
and I've seen them allow multiple nested folders, for example.

I've also seen cases where Thunderbird gets the bejeezus confused out of 
it, and I'll see mail with headers to one mailing list but the contents 
are from another message. Right click the folder and go to properties 
then rebuild the index to fix it.

If you search for the RFC you should find the IMAP protocol standard if 
you are still curious about it. If you have a specific question you 
might need to start a different thread for it...

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