Gmail or Thunderbird problem?

Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at
Thu Dec 4 19:24:46 UTC 2008

Derek Broughton wrote:
> Pat wrote:
>> I have a Gmail account. I use Thunderbird on my desktop. Starting
>> yesterday I stopped getting most of my mail. It's on the server and I
>> can access it online with no problem, but only one or two of the lists
>> I am on download. I also have no problems sending mail, but if I send
>> mail to myself I don't get it either.
> No idea about the list issue, but gmail never sends you mail _from_ you.
    Hi Guys, I am using Gmail and I found on Thunderbird that if you 
double click on the weak Gmail you get several other directories. One is 
called ALL and in that directory it is accurate. I even see my own mail 
to this list! So in fact you can get it if you want to. I'm getting used 
to not seeing my own email :-)


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