upgrading Gutsy to Hardy failed

Joep L. Blom jlblom at neuroweave.nl
Thu Dec 4 14:18:46 UTC 2008

Joep L. Blom schreef:
> Mario Vukelic schreef:
Continuing on my own thread as I has been busy otherwise, I stll cannot 
upgrade from gutsy to Hardy.
However, I found in the apt.log (/var/log/dist-upgrade/) a long list of 
packages but after many lines with Installing... (packagenames) I got th 
following lines:
Starting 2
Investigating dpkg
Package dpkg has broken dep on lzma
Investigating util-linux
Package util-linux has broken dep on libncurses
This goes on for several hunderds of lines and then comes:
Try to Re-Instate dpkg
Try to Re-Instate util-linux
and several lines like these.
Now I don't know what is ment with "Re-Instate" (Reload?, reinstall, 
I have tried to re-install several packages (not all because I think it 
affects practically all packages) but it didn't work.
Has anybody an idea how this can be solved?
Sorry for the long adn detailed mail.

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