evolution does not recieves pop mail

Rob robfleet at ix.netcom.com
Wed Dec 3 22:50:39 UTC 2008

Did you check your Junk folder?  I only ask because the button is right
next to the delete button in Evolution and I made just that mistake
several weeks ago...I clicked on the Junk button by mistake while trying
to delete a message from this list and it ended up in that folder as did
every other message from the list until I discovered where all my mail
was going...to Junk!


On Wed, 2008-12-03 at 21:30 +0300, Sergey Skorokhodov wrote:
> Hi,
> All in a sudden Evolution stops retrieving pop mail. I can see it
> getting short info from the server, then downloading messages and then
> nothing happens. No new mail in Inbox. I've been looking for some kind
> of logs but failed to find any. All suggestions will be appreciated.
> -- 
> serge

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