evolution does not recieves pop mail

Joep L. Blom jlblom at neuroweave.nl
Wed Dec 3 22:40:42 UTC 2008

Mark Haney schreef:
> Serge Skorokhodov wrote:
>> Thanks for answering. I'm afraid that this cannot be the case as 
>> Thunderbird easily recieves mail from the same server (leaving messages 
>> in place).  I've tried to get a log of evolution with 'env 
>> CAMEL_DEBUG=all evolution &> evo.log' command. I failed to find any 
>> errors, all downloaded messages are written to the log. No new mail in 
>> Inbox though... Kinda mistery isn't it?
> I recall Evo having this problem long ago and it turned out the messages 
> were there, but for some reason not being displayed.  This could account 
> for the lack of errors in the log.  But, I've not used Evo in a LONG 
> time since I got sick and tired of Gnome ages ago.
> Have you tried re-installing the evolution-data-server package? 
> Something in my head vaguely recalls that being a possible fix to that.
My 2 cents:
Stop using Evolution and switch over to Thunderbird. I did it 4 months 
ago and has had no problems with my mail (I use pop via dovecot) since. 
Evo was stable for several years but since last year "improvements" has 
made it highly unreliable. I have used it in Fedora and since I switched 
to Ubuntu (this year) until July in that OS. The calendar plugin makes 
Thunderbird equal to Evolution. But it just my opinion.

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