BRO MFC-490CW Drivers Issue Again

Rashkae ubuntu at
Wed Dec 3 15:44:29 UTC 2008

Derek Broughton wrote:
> And my argument with Leonard was all over the idea that Brother's 
> support could be considered that great, when they recommend hazardous 
> install practices.  People who actually _have_ the Brother printers seem 
> to think that there's no danger _in this particular case_ so go with it.  
> I just don't want to see vendors doing this as a matter of course, 
> because it makes users who know no better think that it's safe to use 
> the force options whenever they have a problem.

Course, if Brother really wanted to offer good linux support, the raster
to BRscript binary source should be released under an appropriate
license.  For example, BSD..

Why hardware makers don't release a BSD style reference driver for *all*
their products is really something that baffles all my attempts at
understanding and logic.

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