streamtuner problem

Ray Parrish crp at
Wed Dec 3 08:10:29 UTC 2008


Today I installed streamtuner,, and now it's giving me problems. When I 
try to "Tune In" to a station on Xiph, Oldies I get the following error.

Failed to execute child process "xmms" (no such file or directory).

I then tried to install xmms from Synaptic and there are many, many 
packages named with xmms in their name, but none with that exact name. 
When I tried to install one of them, I got the following error message.

 Depends: xmms (>=1.2.10+20070501) but it is not installable

Has anyone got a clue as to what I can do to resolve this situation?

Later, Ray Parrish

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