Wireless issues, but oddly the opposite of what you normally hear....

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Wed Dec 3 01:05:05 UTC 2008

Karl F. Larsen wrote:

> Derek Broughton wrote:

>> Of course, it's a wireless issue.  Not only that, but
>> what evidence do you have that Steve's computer has _ever_ gone from
>> one
>> country to another?  (Or for that matter that if there was no
>> password, it would work?)
>     In this person's first email he said both Windows and Linux WiFi
> work fine at home with an open WiFi router.

Yes he does - you have an incredible ability to jump to conclusions (not 
a bad thing in itself, but it must get you in at least as much trouble 
as it gets you out of).  So that just means that with _his_ router, and 
no password, everything works.  It doesn't mean that there isn't a wifi 
problem - and right now things are pointing to the iwl3945 bug that 
prevents it from accessing channel 13 properly.

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