Static IP & Port Forwarding

Linda haniganwork at
Tue Dec 2 22:50:46 UTC 2008

ALAN CHE wrote:
> I am new to Linux and never use it before.
> I have install Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop Edition and face some problems.
> (a)  I know that Ubuntu can itself auto detect the networking for me, 
> but I prefer to handle it manually. I was wondering where & how can I 
> set a fixed ip, subnet mask, gateway, DNS and etc.
> (b)  I also need to know where & how can I do the port forwarding in 
> Ubuntu.
> I will appreciate if you can answer me in an easy way and in details 
> because I was not very familiar with the Linux commands.
> Thank you very much.
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You can set static IP, subnet mask, DNS, gateway by choosing system > 
administration > network
I use shorewall to handle forwarding

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