Removing and reinstalling Ubuntu

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> Subject: Removing and reinstalling Ubuntu
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> Date: Saturday, November 29, 2008, 7:29 PM
> I have an older version of Kubuntu on my desktop (takes up
> 10.239.00MB) that I can't remove when I try to get it
> off installed programs...I inserted the CD for the new
> version and nothing happens at all with that...when I click
> Install Inside Windows, it doesn't do a thing...HELP!!! 
> K
Sounds like you have kubuntu installed on a windows OS via wubi. If, so, you should be able to remove it like any MS$ progran using the Install/Remove applications menu as normal.
If your on a (K)ubuntu OS and want to remove kubuntu-desktop or kde just do:

aptitude purge kubuntu-desktop or kde and it will go away. But not sure you want to do that unless you have another desktop installed.
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