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Mark Haney mhaney at
Tue Dec 2 16:38:30 UTC 2008

Donny George wrote:
> Hello
> I have an ubuntu 8.04 client installed and have a first user admin1 and
> second user admin. my problem is that i cant get the acces to the synaptic
> user account manager as i want to delete one of these users. it only
> displays a window which says
> Could not authenticate
> An unexpected error occured
> and this is the error message for both the users
> could some one help  as i want to delete the user admin1 and give the user
> admin administrator previlages, is there a command line statement to do this
> ?

Of course there are command line options for this.  But I need to get 
you to clarify something, which user currently has sudo access?  Your 
best bet is to 'sudo visudo' and edit the sudo rights for the user you 
want to have sudo access.  The sudoers file is pretty well documented. 
Then, when you are sure you can sudo into basic functions with the new 
user, you can userdel that user and go into visudo and remove that user 
from the sudoers file.

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