Transferring Files to New Ubuntu System

Derek Broughton news at
Tue Dec 2 15:16:18 UTC 2008

Rashkae wrote:

> Karl Larsen wrote:
>> Anthony M. Rasat wrote:
>>> Sftp works like ftp so my guess is you will probably wants some sort
>>> of ftp client for this. I'm not exactly sure nautilus can sftp (I
>>> prefer other apps that I knew since long) but Krusader can sftp
>>> using "fish://<username>@<destination IP>" format in its address
>>> bar.

Strictly speaking, fish isn't sftp, but close enough, and possibly 
necessary for this application where there probably isn't an sftp server :-)
 I would expect Krusader can also use "sftp://" URLs.

>>     Since he is using a cross-over cable, I do not think he can ping
>>     the
>> other computer. In fact a cross-over cable went out with the serial
>> cable a few years ago. What am I missing?
> Everything, just sit back, keep the hands away from the keyboard, and
> maybe you'll learn something.

Ah, the hazards of old age.  All the Good Old Days seem to run together.  
In fact, I stopped using serial cables _when_ I got a cross-over cable, 
which I used for a few years.

If the computer at the far end of the connection is using zero-config 
(implemented by avahi on Ubuntu) then it should be pingable.

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