Wireless issues, but oddly the opposite of what you normally hear....

NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Mon Dec 1 22:43:12 UTC 2008

On 12/01/2008 02:25 PM, Albert Charron wrote:
> Steve Flynn wrote:
>>>> US...
>> I should also point out that I mention the Ch 13 info as I knew it was
>> illegal in certain areas but to my knowledge it was ok in the UK. I'm
>> now wondering whether Vista has a bug in that it own't see a Ch 13
>> router despite being configured up to be in "London".  I'm also
>> wondering whether there is a similar subtle bug in the linux wireless
>> drivers for my hardware in seeing the AP but not being able to
>> authenticate.
>> Then again, maybe it's the router being a funny bugger and not playing
>> fair on Ch 13.
> Vista might or might not be the culprit for not seeing the AP on channel 
> 13. The driver of your wireless adapter, or the hardware itself might be 
> the problem. Maybe the adapter has a problem with channels higher than 
> 11 and the OEM just disabled those problematic channels in the driver...

On the linux side, could also be some issues with kernel drivers; I
think that laptop uses Intel wireless, so this may be related:

 iwl3945 driver doesn't see !US wireless channels on UK laptop [intrepid

Even though it's the opposite (doesn't see US channels), it might be
worth a look to see how the developers fixed (are fixing?) that issue.
Also, that bug refers to:

 iwl3945 cannot find or connect to EU channels

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