Wireless issues, but oddly the opposite of what you normally hear....

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Mon Dec 1 19:34:21 UTC 2008

Steve Flynn wrote:

> Anyone got any clues? I note that the AP is broadcasting (no hidden
> SSID) on channel 13 - anyone else had issues along these lines? I have
> to admit, it's got me stumped unless there's some restriction in
> Microsoft Operating systems about the channel number... that's the
> only thing I can think of to be honest...
There _should_ be limits, given that it's an illegal channel in the 

Most routers _can_ be configured to channel 13 if you really try, but 
they shouldn't be.  So yes, I'd agree this a "bad" router.  Not a 
broken, one, just bad...

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